Kyle’s Quest for Ironman
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Okay, super lame – I should update this. I did complete my full Iron-distance triathlon at Redman in OKC this year!!!! 140.6 miles! It was one of the coolest things I have done. I have loved wearing my gear from Kentucky and just basking in the feeling, I feel very proud of myself which is not something I usually do but man it was awesome.

I will still continue to race, but it will probably be awhile before I attempt it again due to the time commitment. Currently I’m wrapping up my MEd this summer and I owe my wife some attention due to all the time I was busy with school, work and training.

I thank God for it happening, the support of my lovely wife, family and friends. I also thank anyone who may read this. I don’t know that I’ll post to this anymore, probably eventually, but I figured I should at least have some closure to the blog if not. Thanks!


It has been very interesting to see my status updates from ‘2009 on this day’ that pop up on facebook. All of my post were about getting ready, going and returning from Kentucky. It has been nostalgic and motivational.


I come to the blog with mixed emotions. I have felt super prepared and ready, although you can always be more ready. I am probably a bit behind on run training, but overall pretty good. I did tweak my knee on Saturday though and it has been bothering me the past few days. Unfortunately all I’m able to do is rest right now. I’m going to get my bike tuned up and a booey (sp?) for my legs so I can at least swim without it hurting. I really hope it will heal up to where I can race, I’m not giving up yet. Prayers are appreciated!



Here is a link to my planned schedule for Ironman, if you care to check it out. Here’s to staying healthy and getting the bulk of these done – especially once work starts back. countdown to IM


To sart with, I did it. I registered for the full Iron distance at Redman! 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run. All in one day. Yeah!

X50 went great. I was slow, but I expect that at my races hah.

My times were 43:55 for a swim that was just under a mile, 2 hr 30 minutes for a 40 mile bike (16 mph avg), and 1 hr 53 min for the run (which is 12.5 min/miles). Overall pretty pleased, but I do wish I would have been faster on the run. I was really hoping for about 10 minute miles, but I guess the heat was getting to me. I had to walk more than I would have preferred with stomach and leg cramps.

I still felt good at the end of the day though and could have done much more, which was my goal. I need to continue to work on all three disciplines, but I think I stand to gain the most ground by improving on the bike. For experience though, I do need to get in some long swims.

The only things left on my schedule before redman is the Goatneck Rally in Cleburn the last Sat. of the month and the 100 mile ride in Sherman on Aug. 13. Here’s hoping I stay healthy and injury free!


Tomorrow I’m racing the x50 Disco Triathlon north of Denton. It consists of a 1 mile swim, 40 mile bike and 9 mile run. This is my planned ‘B’ race of the year and hopefully a good measurement for Ironman in two months. I feel pretty healthy overall and am looking forward to hopefully a good race. It is my first triathlon in a year and the longest one I have done in probably at least two years. I have been doing a lot of rallies and open water swims and have my eyes set on Ironman.

**Disclaimer, I’m going to get deep for a moment

While this blog is typically focused on triathlon and my attempt at Ironman, after my first attempt at Ironman this also turned into a sort of reflection on what I do occassionally. The race is very important to me, but in the grand scheme of things it is not that big. It is an accomplishment that will fade with time. As our Sunday School lesson said, it will go “back in the box” when it is all said and done.

I just read a friend’s blog whose husband has recently lost his ability to walk through poisoning from some medicine. A friend from his work lost his spouse in a car wreck. We all know that things can change for us in a blink of an eye and we need to not take anything for granted.

I just try to keep my racing in scope with things that really matter in this world. I’ll keep you posted on my racing results, thanks for reading!


Just did the 40 mile ride at the Head for the Hills rally in Cedar Hill. It’s not the best rally, but not the worst. We had great weather minus the wind and free burgers afterward, so I won’t complain too much. I also got to see a good friend from TNT who helped me get into triathlon then spent a short bit of time with Whit and her parents who were shopping in the mall there before I headed home to shower and rest before making our appearance briefly at prom for the kids I teach. Last week I did the 40 miler at Muenster’s German Fest with my friend from work and I highly encourage that ride for others in the future.

I have a lot of rallies planned throughout the summer, especially in June. I will hopefully be up to 65 miles by the end of this month and 100 by the end of June (doing the century at the Cow Creek Country Classic on June 25th). If you want to know other rallies I’m doing let me know!

I’m also doing the 20K (12.4m) on Memorial Day at the end of May and hope to be back up to around 16 miles running by the end of June.

Due to tweaking my shoulder at the mud run, I haven’t been swimming for the past month – but I don’t think that is the end of the world. It will keep me from doing the X50 as planned, but that’s okay. I plan on trying to start swimming again this next week and we’ll see how it does. I still have plenty of time and I’m more concerned with it being healed by the start of June than getting pool time in now.

Overall, I feel like I’m pretty close to where I need to be to do the 140.6 Iron distance race at the end of September. I should have a pretty solid base leading into the summer months off of work which should let me train like I want. The main thing will be staying healthy and injury free.

Thanks for reading, I’ll hopefully be updating this more as race day starts getting closer.


I’m on my program to give my second attempt at Ironman. This is not a trademarked Ironman brand race, but the same distance at a race called Redman in OKC at the end of September.

I have lots of rallies planned and only one race, the X50 May 15th north of Denton. I have more of an idea what to expect, so I plan to just train on my own. It will save lots of money this way.

I’ll be ready for it. I appreciate your support and thanks for reading.


Keeping the blog alive!

I’m ready for 2011 and all it brings, even though 2010 was a great year. It feels good to be going with training again. I’ve done well the past 2 weeks of vacation and hope (and feel) like it will continue through the semester. We plan to be moving soon, which may throw a small kink in it, but I should have a workout room in the new house so that should help.

I’ve been getting back to the pool, weights and biking. The ankle is still bugging me on the run, so I may continue to be easy on that as I get rolling on everything else. I’ve been  planning my 2011 season in preparation for Redman Iron distance at the end of Sept. in OKC. I have a large number of rallies and runs that I’m looking at, my 2 ‘practice’ events I would like to do if funds and time allow are the half-iron at Galveston Apr 10 and the half iron at Lubbock in June/July?.

I’m ready for the ankle to get better, but other than that everything is going well. I feel as healthy (injury free) as I have in awhile and am looking forward to getting that iron distance finisher’s medal.


Ironman thoughts

I have decided that I will race Redman full iron distance next September in Oklahoma City over Ironman Florida, for a number of reasons.

  1. It is a little over $300, compared to Ironman’s $600
  2. I can register next July a few months before, as oppose to now, a year ahead – since only God knows what all will be going on in my life a year from now.
  3. Ironman is getting greedy and losing the cool factor for me, between the already high price – they offer olympic distance now and tried to start a membership program that would allow members to register for races before others – for $1000!
  4. I can travel MUCH cheaper
  5. It works better with a teacher’s schedule as far as having the summer beforehand to train
  6. It’s a great race and smaller

I will not race the DRC half while my ankle is healing. After this semester wraps up I really hope to get going on strength and swimming in Dec. and Jan. . There are a lot of great things in the spring I’d like to be at, we’ll see what all happens as it gets closer.